Campus YSA Wards Wedding Reception Request


This webform is for the use of On-Campus YSA Ward Bishoprics and their clerks ONLY. This is to request dates for wedding receptions and will help us capture all of the information we need to complete the reservation.

The primary locations for the wedding receptions to take place for the YSA 1st Stake (Pres. Niutupuivaha) is the Stake Center Cultural Hall 1 and YSA (North) Serving Area. For the YSA 2nd Stake (Pres. Casey), the designated space is HGB 135 and the adjacent Kitchen. Both venues can accommodate 100 guests. Only after these resources are exhausted is the Aloha Center Ballroom considered.
Rules for HGB 135 - Food must remain in HGB 135. The projector may be made available upon request. Screen is available in this room. Academic Podium cannot be moved, any damage to the podium will go against the deposit. Tables and Chairs must remain in the room. It can be arranged for the storage closets to be opened so tables and chairs not need may be stored properly. Building closes nightly at 11PM. Dumpsters are located on the south corner of the building next to the serving area.
Rules for the Stake Center Cultural Hall 1 - Use of the room is limited to the tiled areas only, it does not include the overflow room or adjoining rooms. Food is allowed in only tiled areas. Must contain wedding party to the Cultural Hall 1 and YSA Serving Area. Tables and Chairs are in the room storage. Round tables are available in this space. No projector in the room, there is a motorized screen. Building closes nightly at 9PM. Dumpsters are located on the TVA side of the building.
Rules for the Aloha Center Ballroom - Based on availability, if the other venues are being used and number of guests the Ballroom may act as an extension of your stake building. Use is limited to the Ballroom and adjacent kitchen, if available. 6' banquet tables and chairs are available to the wedding party. Must request number of tables 3 weeks prior to reception date. Any additional items setup are setup by the FM crew. Here are some approximate costs: $15 each 4'x8' Stage Risers, $29 for Stairs for stage and $13 for Round Tables. The (6) chair racks, (5) black curtains must stay in the building. A grand piano may be requested. If one is left out, it must remain in the building. Projector and motorized screen is available. Building closes nightly at 11PM. Dumpsters are located directly outside of the kitchen. 
BISHOPRIC REVIEWS WITH COUPLE: Each bishop should review the following Rules for All Buildings & Clean Up instructions below with the member of their ward requesting the reservation. The ward member must provide a $200 cleaning deposit to the Stake Presidency/Clerk as part of the reservation in case there is any damage to the building. This money will be returned if the areas are left clean and ready for the next group. Receptions are limited to 4 hours on Saturdays. The party should consider clean up time and the building hours when planning the time for their reception. Setup is only allowed after 5pm the night before if the room is available. They may return the next morning and complete their decorations. 
Rules for All Buildings - Keep in mind that tape, nails, or pins should not be put on walls or doors. Candles or open flames are not allowed in the buildings. Straw, confetti, sand, styrofoam peanuts or similar items are not allowed as to keep the room clean. Colored drinks and soups are restricted from carpeted areas. REMEMBER: No cooking is allowed in the serving areas. It is only for warming of precooked foods.
Clean Up - Be sure all plates, serving utensils and silverware are washed and returned to their drawers and cupboards. All tables and chairs are wiped down. All counters and sinks are clean and free of food residue. All signs are taken down, including those on the grounds and highway. All decorations must be removed from the building. All food in the kitchen, refrigerator and serving area has been removed. All garbage has been taken out of the room, hallways, restrooms and kitchen. Wedding party is responsible for providing their own trash liners. All tiled/wood floors have been mopped. All carpeted floors have been vacuumed. Tables and Chairs have been setup for the following day's activities. Lights, projectors, fans/air conditioning have been turned off.
Please remember the 4 hour time limit.
This is the address where the deposit refund check will be mailed to.