Event Services & Outreach

Event Services

The Scheduling Office is located on the first floor of the Lorenzo Snow Administration building in room 130. University organizations have the ability to schedule use of the campus’ classrooms, pool, gyms and halls through our virtual website.


Roseanne Tataipu
Scheduling & Logistics Coordinator
55-220 Kulanui Street #1963
Laie, HI 96762

Fax: (808) 675-3789
Phone: (808) 675-3784

Important Information


For university events, please check availability of facility and submit your request online at

**Pool Requests: All requests must be submitted 15 business days prior to the day of your event.

**Deliveries of Tables or Chairs: All requests must be submitted 5 business days prior to the day of your event.  (Not available for off-campus deliveries.)

**Events on Campus:  Requests for the CAC Arena, Auditorium, Ballroom and Old Gym must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the day of your event.  

Department Sponsored Events (including labs, student recitals, senior research or class projects) - Requests must be made online by department designee. In most cases, it is the administrative assistant. If they are unable, they may contact Scheduling.  

On-Campus Wards - Requests must be made by a member of the bishopric. Please keep in mind the Stake Center is closed at 9PM nightly except for ecclesiastical purposes. This includes requests for wedding receptions. Members of the Laie YSA 1st Stake may use the Stake Center Cultural Hall 1 with YSA Kitchen and members of the Laie YSA 2nd Stake may use HGB 135 with Kitchen. This is based on availability, requires a $200 deposit and are subject to rules and guidelines. Requests must include the amount of guests invited to the reception. Members are responsible for returning the room to its academic setup.

Off-Campus Requests from Wards, Educational or Civic Groups - Email your request to with the name of your event, purpose of your event and why at BYU Hawaii, room you are requesting, date of event, time of event and amount of people expeted to attend.  Where required, you may need to setup a billing account with Financial Services prior to scheduling.

Please direct all scheduling questions related to renting a facility, scheduling a classroom to the Scheduling Office at (808) 675-3784.