Non-Credit Registration Form

We appreciate your participation in our non-credit programs.  Please complete the required information to ensure that your application is processed without delays.  Applications once submitted are pending until receipt of payment within 24 hours.  After 24 hours, your registration will be canceled. If you have any questions, please contact Educational Outreach at (808) 675-3780 or by email at  MAHALO!

Registration Information
ONLINE FORM FOR UP TO 2 PARTICIPANTS OF THE SAME FAMILY (*)Registration fee will be nonrefundable after the first day of class (*)Late registration fee: a $10 non-refundable late registration fee will be charged on registrations processed after the class starts. (*)Withdrawals/Refunds: a $5 processing fee will be charged on all withdrawals. A refund, less the processing $5 fee, will be made if notification of withdrawal is received one(1) business day or more prior to the first day of class. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED ONCE THE CLASS BEGINS, including requests for pro-rated refunds for partial attendance.
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Assumption of Risk and Limited Release Agreement
I, the undersigned, recognizing the hazards and dangers inherent of said activity(s) and/or in the transportation to and from such said activity(s) and already knowing or having been advised of said dangers and fully acknowledging the risk of injury or health inherent therein, whether by my own actions, the actions of others or events beyond my control, do hereby agree to knowingly and voluntarily assume, full responsibility for all of the risks surrounding my participation in said activity(s) and any other activity(s) undertaken as an adjunct thereto, and all risks associated with my own health problems and physical or emotional limitations; I also certify that I am covered by my own health insurance; and, furthermore, for myself, my heirs, and personal representative(s), I hereby fully release Brigham Young University–Hawaii and all its officers, employees and agents, without any limitation or qualification, as to any and all liabilities, claims, demands and actions which might be made by me or my state on account of any losses, expenses or damages of any kind concerning property or personal injuries (physical or emotional) or death which may result, directly or indirectly, from my participation in the aforesaid activity(s), unless any such damages or injury is primarily the direct result of a negligent act or omission by Brigham Young University–Hawaii or any of its officers, employees or lawful agents and not caused in part by my own negligence.
BYUH Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards
BYUH Honor Code: Brigham Young University-Hawaii exists to provide an education in an atmosphere consistent with the ideals and principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That atmosphere is created and preserved through commitment to conduct that reflects those ideals and principles. Members of the faculty, administration, staff, and student body at BYUH are selected and retained from among individuals who voluntarily live the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Observance of such is a specific condition of employment and admission. Those individuals who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also expected to maintain the same standards of conduct, except church attendance. All who represent BYUH are to maintain the highest standards of honor, integrity, morality, and consideration of others in personal behavior. By accepting appointment on the faculty, continuing in employment, or continuing class enrollment, individuals evidence their commitment to observe the Honor Code standards approved by the Board of Trustees "at all times all places." (Mosiah 18:9) BYUH Dress and Grooming Standards: Appropriate Dress and Grooming for Men Slacks, jeans, shorts should cover the knee while standing. Dress shirts, T-shirts, and sweaters with sleeves are all acceptable men’s wear. Beards are not acceptable and are defined as noticeable growth that is beginning to look “grubby.” Students with rare medical situations may wear neatly trimmed beards if authorized by the Office of Honor. Mustaches should be neatly trimmed and should not extend beyond or below the corners of the mouth. Sideburns should not be long or bushy, and should not extend below the bottom of the ear. Men’s hairstyles should be neat, clean, and trim. Hair should be above the collar of a dress shirt in the back and less than one-half inch over the ears. Beards, goatees, and soul patches are not acceptable. Earrings, excessive jewelry and body piercing are not appropriate. If a tattoo was obtained prior to acceptance to BYU–Hawaii it must be covered at all times, and no new tattoos should be obtained. Footwear must be worn in all public places. Appropriate Dress and Grooming for Women Dresses, sweaters, and blouses with sleeves, skirts or culottes, modest pantsuits, jeans, shorts, slacks, and modest aloha attire are all acceptable women’s wear. Women’s hemlines on dresses, shorts, skirts, or culottes must cover the knee while standing. Dresses or skirts with slits above the knee in the front or back are inappropriate. Similarly, the no-bra look is unacceptable at BYUH. Evening and formal wear may not include low-cut necklines or backless or strapless gowns. Dress for Athletic or Sports Participation Clothing including swimming suits must be modest in fabric, fit, and style (no bikini, two-piece, or French-cut styles). Modest shorts above the knees, sweats and gym clothing are acceptable wear in athletic and living areas only. Appropriate dress for athletic participation as well as for dance aerobic classes includes modest t-shirts so that the midriff and back is covered. Tank tops worn should be modest so that underclothing or sports bras are not exposed under the arms. Appropriate footwear should always be worn. Leisure Attire: For residence halls and informal outdoor activities - not classroom/campus buildings or dining areas. Sweats and jogging attire are modest and cover the midriff Shorts extend to the knee Work overalls, medical scrubs, military camouflage or fatigue outfits Informal lava lavas Messages and pictures on clothing are appropriate to LDS standards Footwear is worn in public campus areas; slipper/flip-flops are permitted Men wear shirts at all times in public areas