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The Host Family Program for the Department of Educational Outreach provides a great opportunity for community families to participate in helping the University build bridges with our international friends. Families can benefit from an opportunity to find out more about the world, the enjoyment of sharing new ideas, the chance to understand another person's values, to be exposed to another language, and so much more. By being a Host Family, families can experience the pleasure of offering hospitality and open their family's minds to the wider world.
How do I become a Host Family?
Interested families can apply at any time, but most of our homestay programs occur in Winter (mid-January to early February) and Summer (late June to mid-August). The homestay program varies between 1-week, 2-weeks or 3 weeks depending on the groups that participate. To become a host family, the following items are required -

1) Application Form
2) Host Family Agreement
3) BYUH Honor Code, Dress & Grooming, and Assumption of Risk 
4) Host Family Ecclesiastical Endorsement  (required every year)
5) Original copy of General Excise Licence

6) W9 Form *New host families only
7) Workday supplier add form *New host families only 

Upon approval of your application:
8) Home Inspection
9) Mandatory Orientation Meeting

NOTE:  Application is good for one year.

Apply Online

Apply Manually

Online application form includes four (4) of the required 9 items.

1) Application Form
2) Host Family Agreement

3) Youth Protection Policy Agreement
4) BYUH Honor Code, Dress & Grooming,and Assumption of Risk        

The PDF Hard copy packet includes all seven (7) required items as listed above. Please print, complete and submit the packet to Educational Outreach Office, Lorenzo Snow Administration Building, 1st floor, room 130.

The following Items must be hand-delivered to Educational Outreach's office.

PDF ButtonEcclesiastical Endorsement Form 
PDF Button
Original copy of General Excise License 
PDF Button
W9 Form
 Workday supplier add form

For more information contact Educational Outreach
Phone:  (808) 675-3780 | Email:

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